Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Items in our Shop


A note on starting a blog: I imagine this is what ham radio operators feel like, when they get on their headsets and start speaking their name into the void, wondering if there's anyone out there on their frequency. I feel a little foolish, but I'll keep blogging anyway in case there's someone reading.

I've had a productive weekend. First of all, I listed two new items in our shop: my framed ephemera collage, which I've named Turn of the Century, and a neat upcycled journal featuring an owl.

It's so neat to create something by hand, take a photo of it, and instantly share it online! I mean, I'm 23 and fairly used to modern technology, but there's just something so gratifying and awesome about seeing your own work on a computer screen minutes after you've completed it. It makes you realize the crazy-cool times we live in.

I also used my recent photography experience and newfound wisdom to take, edit and post better pictures of the ephemera packs I have for sale:

Also, Sonja Joyce is now on Twitter! Not really sure what to post there yet, but it seems like a fun way to connect with our fellow artists, crafters, and Etsy shops. Feel free to follow us @SonjaJoyce!

Thanks and happy crafting!

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  1. Hi, Sonja left a lovely comment on my blog and it's not showing up for some reason. I just wanted to say thanks! I really appreciate it.