Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crafty Photo Shoot!

Okay, so I lied when I said I would post pictures yesterday. But I have some today! My mom and I ended up spending the afternoon having a jewelry photo shoot, taking pictures of her fabulous beaded bracelets and necklaces so we could list them on our Etsy shop. We quickly figured out that it's harder than it looks to take good photos of our crafts! But we got creative and did the best we could with our little digital camera and limited editing skills. Here are a few examples of what we came up with:

I found a good article at PhotoJojo about taking better pictures for craft sites like ours, and it had some good tips about interesting backgrounds (good thing I have a ton of vintage books lying around) and natural lighting. I'm still working on the color balance though-- I'll have to call my sister, the photojournalism grad student and all-around photo-editing expert.

So now we have a grand total of four items listed on our shop... not bad! I've also been printing notecards up a storm, and I plan to have a couple sets of those posted within the next few days.

Here's a picture of that collage I made using old photographs, book pages, postcards, and other ephemera:

I love the pictures of this woman (presumably one of our Danish ancestors) because they're some of the few portraits I have from that era where the subject actually looks like she's having fun. I've put the collage into this wonderful old antique frame, and I'll be listing that on Etsy soon as well.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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